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     Padme would be 1 yr old on 12/08/03 if she hadn't passed away before her 5 month old birthday. Padme got her name from the star wars movie, I loved that name and thought it was beautiful, some girlfriends of mine kept the star wars theme and named their pups names from characters in the movie as well. Binx...Padme's sister was a not expected pup, we purchased the brindle and the breeder felt Binx was a nice pup too and reccomend she come live with us as well. My husband named Binx, that is his baby for he prefer's the red color.
     I will never forget when she arrived at my home and jumped out of the crate with her sister Binx, she was wearing a cute black nylon color with the ying yang symbol on it (so was her sister) with a cute gold bone shaped name tag that said her name on it, a friend at the time was kind enough to drive and pick up my pups when she went to get her's. She had the softest black velvet face, she was so beautiful. Well her and her sister went through some very gangly stages and started looking good after they grew out of it. I entered the two of them at the Southern California Boerboel Club's 1st annual event. Padme walked away with a Best in Show Baby Puppy and Best overall Champion Baby Puppy for the weekend's event. Binx got reserve.
      A few days later after taking my son to school, I walk outside to see Padme lying on the ground dead with her sister asleep on top of her, I screamed, wrapped her up in a blacket which her sister was whining and trying to tear it off of her, and called the vet. It was 8am and the receptionist said call back at 10am. In the mean time I was calling every experianced breeder I could think of and researching the internet. I took her to the vet and through an odtopsy and another thing that starts with an E (sorry cannot pronounce it so can't spell it) they could only link it to her brain and conclusion came to most likely a brain seizurer.
     I hope knowone has to experiance anything like this but I want Padme to know she is not forgotten and I hope she is watching down on us from Doggie Heaven. I love you baby girl.
  Love Mom.

Padme 3 weeks old

Padme 12 weeks "See her cute black velvet face :)"

Padme and Binx