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Female Boerboel

Background- In the harsh enviornment of the pioneers, they were strongly dependant upon their dogs as protection. The dog was the first warning of any signs of danger. These dogs are not noisy or yappy for this could be a huge liability. The dogs would have to protect the farmers and livestock against wild animals such as leopard, lion, and large reptiles as well as hostile people stealing from the farm. The Boerboel is strong, agile and a very watchful dog, he had to be to fulfill his duties. The Boerboel is reliable, obediant, and intelligent. He should also be self confident.

General Apperance- The Boerboel is a perfectly balanced dog. He has well developed muscle he should have strong, smooth movement. He is an impressive, imposing dog of strength. Males should be more masculine than females.


Males- 25-30" at the withers   Ideal male is 26" tall and between 125-145lbs

Females- 22-26" at the withers  Ideal female is  24" tall and between 92-105lbs

Head- This is the most important Characteristic of the breed, it represents the whole character of the Boerboel.

A) Occiput "top of the head"- Wide, flat, and musculature.

B) Face- Must melt symmetrically together with the head. With or Without mask. Mask prefered.

C) Stop- Visible but not prominant

D) Muzzle- Straight and in line with the top of the head. The muzzle is deep, wide and should slightly narrow at the sides towards the front. Muzzle should be in proportion to the size of the dog and can range from 3-4 inches in length. That measurment does not include the actual "Nose".
E) Nose-  large widely spaced nostriles.

F) Lips- Top lip is loose and fleshy and does not hang past the bottom jaw. Top lip must cover the bottom lip which should not be loose and fleshy.

G) Jaws- Strong, Deep, Wide in the back and slightly narrow at the sides towards the front.

H) Teeth- Well Developed, correctly spaced, with no missing teeth. Dog should have a Scissor Bite.

Eyes-  Widely spaced with well pigmented eyelids. Eye color should correspond with coat color .

Ears- Medium sized, V-shaped and in porportion to the head. Ears are set high and wide. When alert the top of the ears must form a straight line with the top of the head.

Neck- Average length, Neck forms a noticeable muscle arch attaches high at the shoulders. Scruff of the neck is loose under the chin and tightens up as it reaches the chest.

Topline- Straight

A) Back- straight, wide, and in proportion to the body. prominant back muscles with a short loin.

B) Croup- Wide, strong, with well defined muscle.

C) Tail- set high, straight, does not curl over back, cut short, long tails are accepted.


A) Shoulders- Very muscular and set so elbows are not angled out.

B) Legs- strong and straight with well defined muscle.

C) Pasterns- thick, strong, medium in length.

D) Front Paws- large, ball shaped with strong, dark toenails.


A) Hocks- short, strong and thick, parrallel with each other. Dewclaws must be removed.

B) Back Paws- Slightly smaller than the front, well formed, strong dark toenails.

Movement- The gait is balanced and smooth, powerful, with ground covering strides showing strong driving action in hindquarters with corresponding reach in front. Topline remains firm and level.

Movement Faults- Any suggestion of clumsiness, tossing and/or rolling of the body, short or stilted steps, twisting of joints, paddling. Simular movement faults will be penalized according to the degree to which they interfere with the ability of the dog to work.

Skin- thich, loose and well pigmented with slight wrinkles on the brow when dog is alert.

Coat- Short, Dense, and smooth.

Color- Yellow, tawny, reddish-brown, black, blue, and all shades of brindle. We are looking for little to no white. White is accepted on chest and toes (should have black toenails). It will be considered a fault if anywhere on dogs upper thighs or legs, back, muzzle or neck.

Pigmentation- Should be well pigmented especially the lips, eyes, footpads, toenails, and genitals.


1) Dogs that are deaf

2) Males without two testicles clearly descended

3) Dog too small

4) Dog to big

5) An overly aggressive dog

6) An overly shy dog

7) Verticle ears

8) Serious Cow Hock

9) A piebald Dog

10) Any sign of another breed

11) Red Nose

Please remember, these disqualifications are for "Show purposes" not registration. We accept Piebalds for Pet Registration.