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How to Start an SABA Sanctioned Club

This is for owners of SABA registered Boerboels who want to form a SABA sanctioned club for the purpose of weight pull competitons, obediance tests, and/or conformation shows for SABA registered dogs.

All clubs must have 5 members, an annual updated lists of all members and their addresses must be sent to SABA for their records. You may choose to have it run by a commitee or have elected officers. Your members in your club must be members of the SABA, whether or not you charge a membership fee is up to the club.

A constitution which states the objectives of the club must be drawn up and a separate paragraph that states "No member of (club name) nor any participant at any club function may hold the South African Boerboel Association responsible for any liability whatsoever that may occur at any scheduled club meeting or functions". A copy of the constitution must be on file with the SABA. Also a disclaimer listing the SABA and the club itself as not being liable for any damaging incident must be signed by all club members and participants (including spectators) at all SABA sanctioned events.
When these requirements are met we will print an official announcement in the Boerboel World along with Club contacts name and phone number, there will also be a space in the Boerboel World for a special club column for announcements etc. 

When you choose to hold a sanctioned event, a show date and location must be chosen and a request must be submited to the SABA for approval. The SABA will automatical approve it as long as it's not in conflict with another event at the same time. Please send a camera ready ad (any size) with dates, location, events, and other info to the SABA at least one issue prior to the show date so we can publish it in the Boerboel World. A show license and show report form will be mailed to the sponsoring club prior to the event, which must be completed and signed by two club officers and the show judge and returned within 2 weeks after the show with the required fee, $1.00 per dog with a $25.00 minumum per show.

Judges for the SABA events must be approved by the SABA.
The hosting club may choose any SABA judge they want to judge the event.

All dogs that wish to enter any SABA sanctioned event must be registered with the SABA the day of the event if they have not yet been registered.