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   The following exercises are to be performed by all dogs wishing to obtain an Obedience Test 1 certification. Dogs must be SABA registered and 8 months of age. Dog must be wearing a fur saver or choke chain. No corrections may be given at any part of the test.


Each individual exercise begins and ends with the basic position, (dog at a sit at the handler's left side) Judge will signal handler when to begin and if requested by judge, will call out instructions during the test. Test fee $40.00




Exercise 1 - Heeling on leash    20pts


From the basic position handler gives "HEEL" command. Handler and dog walk out straight ahead 40 paces without stopping, then do an about turn,  and continue back a min. of 10 normal paces. Then without stopping, handler changes pace, first fast for a min. or 10 paces, then slow for a min. of 10 paces with NO normal paces in between. Then dog and handler proceed with 10 normal paces and execute a right turn followed by 10 paces, then another right turn followed by another 10 normal paces, then an about turn, handler then will proceed 5 paces and halt. Dog shall automatically sit at all halts while remaining at handlers left side, with his shoulder even with handlers knee. The leash should be held in handlers left hand with SLACK AT ALL TIMES.  Excessive corrections will be deemed for disqualification.


Exercise 2 - Heeling through a Group  15pts


At judges order handler heels forward another 10 paces and makes a left turn and walks through a group of no less than 4 people, halting in the middle of the group. Members will be asked to calmly move in and crowd the dog while dog and handler remain in the basic position. Judge will then dismiss the group.


Exercise 3 - Sit in Motion   10pts


From the starting point, with dog in basic position, handler walks straight ahead, dog heeling, a min. of 10 paces and gives the "SIT" command. Drops leash and without stopping, changing pace or looking back, continues forward another 30 paces, halts and turns to face the dog. At judges order handler returns to the dog, resumes basic position, and returns with the dog where the exercise began.


Exercise 4 - Down in motion with recall      15pts


From basic position dog and handler proceed a min. or 10 paces straight ahead at which the handler will give the "DOWN" command,  upon which the dog should quickly lie down. Handler continues without stopping or changing pace another 30 paces in which he turns and faces the dog. Double commands, changing pace, looking back are all considered handler help and are deemed for point deduction. At judges signal handler recalls the dog. Dog should run to handler, sit directly in front and wait 3 seconds before returning to the heel position.


Exercise 5 - Heeling past a staked out dog    5pts


At judges direction handler will heel past a stakedout dog with reasonable distance between, dog should remain passive.


Exercise 6 - Greeting a stranger      15pts


At direction of the judge, handler will be asked to heel up to a stranger who will greet and shake the hand of the handler. Dog should remain focused but passive.


Total points possible  80     Points needed to pass   60




Obedience Test 1 Healing Pattern