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Requirements: Dog must be 18 months of age,  Dog must be hip certified and SABA registered. Test Fee $50.00


Part 1 of test is to pass the Obedience Test 1



This degree is on a pass or fail basis and is judged on the following factors


1)      The ability of the dog to distinguish threatening situations and from non-threatening situations

2)       The willingness for the dog to trust their owner's judgment.

3)       The willingness of the dog to protect himself and his owner

4)       The confidence level of the dog in unusual situations.

5)       The ability of the dog to interact with the world in a safe but stable manner.


After your dog passes the Obedience test, then it can proceed to the second part of the test which is the following



2nd Part of the Test


Exercise 1-
A. Dog and handler walk along track casually. Stranger approaches handler and shakes his hand and engages in brief conversation. Stranger leaves.
B. Dog and handler continue on their walk. Differant stranger approaches in a very happy and upbeat manner. Stranger enthusiastically interacts with the dog, petting him and speaking directly to him. Dog must display either nuetral or friendly behavior towards both strangers.


Exercise  2-
Dog and handler continue to walk casually along track. Assistant lightly tosses a milk jug filled with rocks about 10 feet in front of handler and dog. Dog must display an inquisitive reaction without fear or aggression.


Exercise 3-
Dog and handler continue to walk along track. At the distance of 20 feet behind the team an assistant will fire a cap gun or starter pistol. Dog must display inquisitive or indifferant reaction without fear or aggression.


 Exercise 4-

Dog and handler approach assistant holding a folded umbrella. When team is about 5-6 feet away, assistant opens umbrella. Dog may display a startled reaction but must recover immediatly without any excessive display of aggression.


 Exercise 5-

Dog and handler continue along track. The footing will change and dog and handler are required to walk on top of a piece of plastic tarp. Dog must trust owners judgment and quickly recover from any initial fear the dog displayed.


 Exercise 6-

Dog and handler continue along track. Assistant rides by on a bicycle, dog must remain nuetral.


Exercise 7-

A.    Dog and handler continue along track, stopping at a designated marker. At a distance of 40 feet ahead, assistant crosses path wearing a raincoat and hood.

B.     Assistant proceeds 15 feet toward the dog and handler, approaching in a suspicious manner (unusual gait, low pitched, grunting)

C.     Assistant proceeds another 10 feet towards the dog, this time in a very aggressive threatening manner.


Dog must not show any aggression for situation A. Dog must show an alert posture for situation B.  Dog must show willingness to protect in situation C. Any sign of coward ness will result in failure.

End of Test